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Aperitivo: Drinks, Light Bites and Great Friends

There are few things that we enjoy more than catching up with friends and family over a meal. But with so many of us having busy lives, it can sometimes be hard to find the time to indulge in such a worthwhile and much-needed activity. 

At Valles at 44, we’re committed to making a regular meet-up with your nearest and dearest an unmissable part of your weekly schedule. By taking a leaf out of the books of our Italian ancestors, we’re proud to celebrate the tradition of the aperitivo – a leisurely and enriching catch up over good food and drink.

But just where did this key element of Italian dining originate, what does it consist of and how are we playing our part in fulfilling this important pastime? 

What is an aperitivo? 

Traditionally, an aperitivo is a post-work and pre-dinner activity that has been a staple part of Italian culture for several centuries. Intended to ready the stomach for dinner, an aperitivo consists of enjoying a glass or two of bitter alcohol or wine alongside a small selection of finger foods, including various cheeses, meats, breads, salad items and vegetables. 

Since its creation in Turin in 1786, scores of people have enjoyed the distinctive taste of traditional alcoholic drinks such as Campari and a range of rich, flavoursome snacks as part of an aperitivo.  

In modern-day Italy, this popular pastime normally takes place between 7pm and 9pm and is just as much about the social aspect of dining as it is about eating. As such, this sort of evening activity is the ideal location for an informal wind-down after work, a get-together with friends or even a first date.

How do we celebrate this? 

At Valles at 44, there are a variety of ways in which we can help you celebrate this fulfilling tradition. Our Bar Menu, famous for its Stuzzichini, features an enticing range of Italian small plates that can be enjoyed as individual starters or sharing dishes. Food aside, we’re also proud of the fantastic range of drinks we offer. Our bar is stacked with an alluring selection of house wines, cocktails and more traditional aperitivo accompaniments – Campari included – so we’ve got everything you need to make an after-work meet-up an absolute priority from hereon in!

Visit us at Valles at 44

As a means of whetting the appetite and preparing the palate for an evening meal, there’s nothing more satisfying than aperitivo. Stop by and see us at Valles at 44 to add some relaxing Italian culture to your stressful working week.

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