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Campari and the Drinks You Can Make With It

Since its creation in 1860 by talented drink maker, Gaspare Campari, the intoxicating taste and distinctive colour of Campari has made it a permanent fixture behind the bar of any drinking establishment worth its salt. 

At Valles at 44, we bring an authentic piece of Italy to all of the food and drink on our extensive menus. And Campari, a vibrant and aromatic drink steeped in Italian tradition, is one of the finest examples of our fondness for the enticing flavours of the Mediterranean. 

As a popular aperitif, Campari is a staple ingredient of a range of pre or post-meal cocktails and can be enjoyed in several different ways. Here are some of our favourites…

Campari Cocktails

Milano Torino 

To start, a real fusion of flavours. The Milano Torino takes its name from the two ingredients that comprise it: Milan’s Campari and the sweet-tasting vermouth of Turin. When combined, these two flavoursome components come together to provide a drink that is both bitter and sweet. This is best served with a slice of orange.

The Americano

As the drink of choice in many a James Bond flick, the Americano has built a bit of reputation for being suave and debonair. Most often served in an old-fashioned glass, this refreshing take on the aperitivo adds red vermouth and a touch of soda water to the reliably bitter flavour of Campari.

The Negroni

The Americano, but with a difference. Legend has it that the Negroni has its origins back in 1919 when Count Negroni, fresh from an excursion to England, decided to swap out the soda in his Americano for gin, giving birth to a cocktail that has become a world-famous mix of bitter, sweet and rich.


A globally-influenced drink if there ever was one, the Boulevardier was first concocted by American emigrants in Paris at the height of the Prohibition era. Sticking to the tried-and-tested formula of combining Campari with red vermouth, the Boulevardier’s addition of the distinctive taste of bourbon really puts it on the cocktail map.

Campari Orange 

Prefer the taste of Campari to the other alcoholic substances it often shares a glass with? The Campari Orange is a simple creation which sees the bitterness of Campari complemented by the sweetness of orange juice in yet another tantalising partnership of flavours.

So much more…

As the five drinks mentioned are very much the tip of the iceberg in terms of the cocktails that can be made with Campari, we invite you to join us to enjoy the taste of this Italian classic, any day of the week.

At Valles at 44, our bar staff are highly experienced in the art of drink making and have all the knowledge needed to prepare a drink suited to your unique tastes, whether you’re stopping by for a quick one or spending the night with us!

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