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Since opening over a year ago, Valles at 44 has quickly become the restaurant of choice for the people of Leamington Spa and beyond. 

As a family-run establishment, we specialise in a unique range of flavoursome Mediterranean-inspired food and drinks to suit each and every palate and dietary need. Whether you’re looking to indulge in a delicious three-course meal, or merely stop by for a drink and a catch-up, everyone is welcome.

Looking forward to longer days in 2020

As the perfect location in Leamington in which to enjoy a much-needed meal out or a hot or cold drink with friends, we’ve put a lot of thought and attention into creating a friendly ambience, with an extensive menu suited to all tastes and focussing on the authentic flavours of our Italian heritage. 

In addition to our Italian cuisine, we’re sure you’ll agree that part of what makes dining with us so memorable is the quality of our hospitality and atmosphere of our bar and restaurant – which can be relaxed vibrant or relaxed depending on whatever you are looking for! And it’s for this reason that we’ve made the decision to make some stylish changes to our lounge, revamping the seating area around the bar to create a space ideal for those looking to catch up with friends over some fizz, begin a night out on the town or take in some cocktails before sitting down to eat. 

Catch up over drinks

Sometimes, going out for a few drinks can be the ideal tonic to unwind after a stressful week at work, which is why our bar is stacked with a huge variety of beverages, from richly-flavoured Italian wines to several alluring varieties of gin, and a stunning selection of our house cocktails. Those that enjoy a more alcohol-free vibe can sample the delights of our wide range of mocktails and the many soft alternatives we have on offer. 

So, whether you’re with us for the long haul or stopping off for a quick drink, we can guarantee that we’ll have something suitable to quench your thirst and make your evening that much more memorable. 

A memorable dining experience 

As one of Leamington’s top restaurants, we pride ourselves on the tantalising quality of all of our food and drink. Pop in and see us when you’re next passing, or explore our full range of menus by visiting our website.
Alternatively, you can book a table here.

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Aperitivo: Drinks, Light Bites and Great Friends

There are few things that we enjoy more than catching up with friends and family over a meal. But with so many of us having busy lives, it can sometimes be hard to find the time to indulge in such a worthwhile and much-needed activity. 

At Valles at 44, we’re committed to making a regular meet-up with your nearest and dearest an unmissable part of your weekly schedule. By taking a leaf out of the books of our Italian ancestors, we’re proud to celebrate the tradition of the aperitivo – a leisurely and enriching catch up over good food and drink.

But just where did this key element of Italian dining originate, what does it consist of and how are we playing our part in fulfilling this important pastime? 

What is an aperitivo? 

Traditionally, an aperitivo is a post-work and pre-dinner activity that has been a staple part of Italian culture for several centuries. Intended to ready the stomach for dinner, an aperitivo consists of enjoying a glass or two of bitter alcohol or wine alongside a small selection of finger foods, including various cheeses, meats, breads, salad items and vegetables. 

Since its creation in Turin in 1786, scores of people have enjoyed the distinctive taste of traditional alcoholic drinks such as Campari and a range of rich, flavoursome snacks as part of an aperitivo.  

In modern-day Italy, this popular pastime normally takes place between 7pm and 9pm and is just as much about the social aspect of dining as it is about eating. As such, this sort of evening activity is the ideal location for an informal wind-down after work, a get-together with friends or even a first date.

How do we celebrate this? 

At Valles at 44, there are a variety of ways in which we can help you celebrate this fulfilling tradition. Our Bar Menu, famous for its Stuzzichini, features an enticing range of Italian small plates that can be enjoyed as individual starters or sharing dishes. Food aside, we’re also proud of the fantastic range of drinks we offer. Our bar is stacked with an alluring selection of house wines, cocktails and more traditional aperitivo accompaniments – Campari included – so we’ve got everything you need to make an after-work meet-up an absolute priority from hereon in!

Visit us at Valles at 44

As a means of whetting the appetite and preparing the palate for an evening meal, there’s nothing more satisfying than aperitivo. Stop by and see us at Valles at 44 to add some relaxing Italian culture to your stressful working week.

Find out more by visiting our website.

Campari and the Drinks You Can Make With It

Since its creation in 1860 by talented drink maker, Gaspare Campari, the intoxicating taste and distinctive colour of Campari has made it a permanent fixture behind the bar of any drinking establishment worth its salt. 

At Valles at 44, we bring an authentic piece of Italy to all of the food and drink on our extensive menus. And Campari, a vibrant and aromatic drink steeped in Italian tradition, is one of the finest examples of our fondness for the enticing flavours of the Mediterranean. 

As a popular aperitif, Campari is a staple ingredient of a range of pre or post-meal cocktails and can be enjoyed in several different ways. Here are some of our favourites…

Campari Cocktails

Milano Torino 

To start, a real fusion of flavours. The Milano Torino takes its name from the two ingredients that comprise it: Milan’s Campari and the sweet-tasting vermouth of Turin. When combined, these two flavoursome components come together to provide a drink that is both bitter and sweet. This is best served with a slice of orange.

The Americano

As the drink of choice in many a James Bond flick, the Americano has built a bit of reputation for being suave and debonair. Most often served in an old-fashioned glass, this refreshing take on the aperitivo adds red vermouth and a touch of soda water to the reliably bitter flavour of Campari.

The Negroni

The Americano, but with a difference. Legend has it that the Negroni has its origins back in 1919 when Count Negroni, fresh from an excursion to England, decided to swap out the soda in his Americano for gin, giving birth to a cocktail that has become a world-famous mix of bitter, sweet and rich.


A globally-influenced drink if there ever was one, the Boulevardier was first concocted by American emigrants in Paris at the height of the Prohibition era. Sticking to the tried-and-tested formula of combining Campari with red vermouth, the Boulevardier’s addition of the distinctive taste of bourbon really puts it on the cocktail map.

Campari Orange 

Prefer the taste of Campari to the other alcoholic substances it often shares a glass with? The Campari Orange is a simple creation which sees the bitterness of Campari complemented by the sweetness of orange juice in yet another tantalising partnership of flavours.

So much more…

As the five drinks mentioned are very much the tip of the iceberg in terms of the cocktails that can be made with Campari, we invite you to join us to enjoy the taste of this Italian classic, any day of the week.

At Valles at 44, our bar staff are highly experienced in the art of drink making and have all the knowledge needed to prepare a drink suited to your unique tastes, whether you’re stopping by for a quick one or spending the night with us!

To find out more, visit our website today.

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Christmas is the season of giving and goodwill, so here at Valles at 44, our team have decided we would love to do our bit for charity this year. Throughout the month of December, we are proud to inform you that every Tuesday, our 2-4-1 pizza offer will involve a very special twist! When you purchase one of our authentic, hand-stretched, Neapolitan pizzas, we will be donating another to our fantastic local charity in Leamington Spa, Helping Hands, in order to feed another mouth this Christmas.


Local to Leamington Spa, Helping Hands is a community project aimed to aid local people in need. Alongside running a soup kitchen offering hot food and a listening ear, they strive to support and offer opportunities to help the less fortunate get back on their feet and to get back into work. They build and establish relationships with those who are vulnerable and help them step towards a better future through a range of activities, providing both physical and emotional support. 


During Christmas time, it’s easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of the festive season and fall into the trap of complaining about the expense of it all, however we tend to lose sight of how fortunate we really are to have a house to call home, a family to celebrate with around the table and plenty of food flowing to fill our bellies. So, whilst we tut our way through the Christmas shopping crowds and wince at shopping receipts, we should bear in mind that there’s those who lack such privileges. So that’s why we’ve devised this exclusive offer to combine being indulgent, all whilst helping another. 

So we’d like to kindly urge you to get involved with us here at Valles at 44 this festive season, to offer a helping hand to those who really need it this Christmas.



Our locally-sourced, fresh, genuine Mediterranean cuisine isn’t just confined to our restaurant! If you haven’t heard already, our sensational Italian dishes can be enjoyed from the comfort of your own living room, when you order with us via Deliveroo. Our exclusive, online menu includes an array of exquisite, Italian classics such as hand-stretched pizzas, creamy pasta dishes, arancini and even our decadent desserts! All allowing you to enjoy the Valles at 44 dining experience right from your own sofa. 


Albeit considered a ‘‘takeaway’, our food is 100% fresh and inspired by our Italian-heritage and years of experience in Mediterranean cuisine. This means our dishes are hearty but without the grease;  and ultimately, crafted with locally-sourced, seasonal ingredients. Our carefully-crafted dishes here at Valles at 44 are known for bursting with vibrant and exotic Meditteranean flavours, granting you a genuine taste of Italian cuisine.


Our authentic, hand-stretched, Neapolitan pizzas are the most talked about in Leamington! When you order with us via Deliveroo, 4 of our pizzas can be selected for an exclusive offer of £35. This is a fast-track way to feed the family this evening if you’ve had a long, tiring day and you also can’t be bothered to dine out – all at just the touch of a button! (Everyone knows that pizza is always the safest option for fussy eaters as well!)


So you don’t have to miss out on Valles at 44’s exquisite Mediterranean menu, packed full of Italian classics just because you don’t fancy leave the house tonight! Simply click here, browse our extensive online menu and swiftly place your order! 

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Here at Valles at 44, we are launching our brand NEW lunchtime menu: Rapido Classico! We’ve made sure to include all of our signature Italian classics to make for the perfect pick-me-up on your work lunch-break.


Make one of your lunch-breaks a little more enticing this week, to spur you on for the second half of the working day! For just £12.50, you can opt for 2 courses, or, if you just want a lighter lunch, one course is only £8.50. All crafted with fresh, homemade, ingredients and inspired by our genuine Italian-heritage, our exciting new lunch menu bursts with hearty Italian classics full of locally sourced ingredients to include : House Lasagne, Spaghetti Carbonara, Linguine Pasta With Pork & Beef Meatballs, Calamari fritti Salad and many more. 

We understand lunch breaks can be limited, so if you would like to call in advance we will assure your food is freshly prepared upon your arrival.


Implementing delicious vegetarian and vegan options into our menus has never been a challenge for us as Meditteranean vegetables come in an array of vibrant flavours, making for flavourful and tasty dishes. Our new lunch menu is home to the Melanzane Parmigiana which is roasted aubergines, layered with our rich, creamy tomato and oregano sauce and buffalo mozzarella, as well as our Spicy Chickpea and Coriander Burger and our vegetarian alternative for our Penne Arrabiata. 


As part of our lunch-time menu, we have a brand new addition that we wanted to talk a little about! Introducing our Spianata Rosemary Sourdough Italian sandwich platter, which are offered with a variety of  delicious fillings for all tastes, : Mozzarella & Sundried Tomato (Vg available), Chicken or Parma Ham With Lettuce & Mayo, Mediterranean Vegetable Pesto & Parmesan (Vg available), Brie & Grape and Cheddar & Chutney (Vg available) these delicious Italian sandwiches are complemented with our house arancini, indulgent ossau iraty fromage, fresh mixed leaf salad and homemade salsa.


If you are unable to pop along to us on your lunch-break,  we have alternative offers! We offer a 25% student discount and 2-4-1 offers on our hand-stretched, Neapolitan Pizzas & Cocktails that run every Tuesday-Friday. Our bustling restaurant is in high demand, so make sure to reserve your table here to avoid disappointment upon arrival!


We can’t believe Christmas is already around the corner – which means it’s time to start planning your work Christmas-do’s, or even just pre-Christmas get-togethers with friends! From Lamb tagine or Sea Bream, king prawn and petit pois risotto,  your traditional favourites with a Mediterranean twist such as our pancetta-wrapped turkey ballotine, all of our fresh, homemade and Italian inspired dishes are sure to commence the festivities! Our Christmas menu is of course, inclusive of vegan and gluten free options. Take a look at our full menu here.